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The-Gout.net was founded in 2003 by a team of experts on gout and uric acid, who shares the same passion for medicine! The success of the site is thanks to all Internet users that have collaborated with these experts to make this place the best site of gout on the net.

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Gout dietQuite simply, The-Gout.net is the only site that combines the most complete and updated information on gout pain. Our site contains articles, interviews and tips about gout, photos, videos and medical drugs to cure this disease. In fact, many articles come from the best experts on gout, a growing number of articles are shared by the experts and users in our Community.

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About the Gout

Gout symptoms

Gout symptoms

Gout symptoms

Discover the main symptoms of gout on the body: fever, joint swelling, pain, and more.

Discover the symptoms of gout

The gout
Gout toe

Gout toe photos

Gout toe photos

Discover surprising photos of the gout toe of the foot and other deformations: ear, hand, feet...

Discover the gout toe of the foot

The gout
Gout treatment

Gout treatment

Gout treatment

Discover a selection of the best treatments for gout: paracetamol, colchicine, etc...

Discover the treatments of gout

Glossary about Gout

Uric acid

Substance that is the cause of gout (if rate greater than 0,08 g/l), which is derived from the degradation of purines...

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The gout


Substance located in food (beer, anchovies, etc) which in excess cause gout. They help our DNA...

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The gout

Tophus or Uric acid crystals

Clusters of uric acid crystals that cause deformation on the joints and the under the skin... Tophus: Uric acid crystals

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The gout

Full glossary about Gout [+] more

Allopurinol: A medical drug that is used to lower the levels of uric acid in the blood.

Drugs for gout: a medical drug that decreases the inflammation caused by gout.

Gouty arthropathy: Destruction of the joints due to tophus (cluster of uric acid crystals).

Kidney stones: « stones » mainly created in the urinary tract.

Colchicine: medical drug that relieves gout pain (also used in prevention) learn more about colchicine

Renal colic: very intense lower back pain due to "stones" that close up the urinary tract.

Hyperuricemia: uric acid rate in the blood above the normal rate (> 420 µmol/l or 70 mg/l).

Hypouricemia: medical treatment to reduce the level of uric acid in the body.

Infiltration: injection of a product directly into a joint.

Renal failure: progressive, important and definitive degeneration of the kidney function.

Psoriasis: chronic disease that affects first the skin.